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Another alpha code drop: inline OpenCL with managed code

Alpha 4 is on GitHub. As before, there is a tarball download without the git metadata.

I changed my mind about rewriting the JIT. It all seemed so simple while in Washington state at AFDS 2012. Delusions of fun. Back in real life, I see the engineering tradeoffs involved. A rewrite is not free and likely offers little return for the end user.

So far, my hacking approach has worked. I shouldn’t alter course now just because it doesn’t please some abstract notion of purity.

There are some new viewpoints that have survived real life scrutiny.

  1. This project is not that big. I sensed this the day before the conference while at a barbecue. Everything I am doing is not that complicated. Worse, the discounted value and complexity of the PeakStream approach is much less after five years. What was speculative future value in 2007 is now our concrete present in 2012 and much less than imagined, I think.
  2. Adaptation and flexibility are more important than performance. There are many new programming languages and platforms with complex interrelationships. It’s risky to bet on anything, to make any kind of deep investment because the technology is changing so quickly.
  3. I need to work on more projects. Growth is about leverage in the future to sustain the present. This is why people like _why or Audrey Tang appear who work on many things. That is also about concurrency as a strategy to increase utilization and productivity. It’s really a corollary of number 2.

I have been toying with the idea of cloning the Google Prediction API. This would be named the Open Prediction API. There does seem to be a dearth of public technology for ML, commercial or free. It’s all done behind closed doors.

The Google Prediction API was really about a marketplace for ML filters, kind of like Google’s answer to Amazon Mechanical Turk except with machines instead of Turkers. In both cases, it does not appear to have worked. The marketplace became filled with lemons or was ignored.


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