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AFDS 2012 Third Day

AMD surpassed the insanity of the Dot Com Bubble today. It was awesome.

Unfortunately, I lost my keynote photo of David Perry, CEO of Gaikai. Google, you should fear this man. He will disrupt your business model and make all your base belong to us.

My technical session went well.

The very last session of the day in the same room was standing room only. It was hot in there. I ended up sitting on the floor.

The evening parties were tremendous. I would have more photos but filled up my phone and lost the early images. My gods.

Dance floor next to the bowling lanes:

Start of the Distributed Dance Party outside the Bellevue Hyatt:

Flashmob on the second floor:

Pyrotechnics set off inside the Hyatt summoned police and fire units:

Skybridge to the mall:

Outside Microsoft offices in the mall:

Mall loading dock:


Reached the park:

The police were incredibly polite. They only asked that people stop dancing in the water sculpture. There was no permit. And no one complained. So a very nice officer with a shaved head explained they were there to make sure no one got hurt. Seriously, that is exactly right. You don’t want insanity to take hold of a crowd.

I asked someone about Nvidia’s GTC conference last month. They had jugglers.

AMD, you rock.


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