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Second alpha release uploaded

The second alpha is committed to GitHub. There’s also a gzipped tarball without the git metadata. Sorry this took so long.

The most interesting new feature is the integer array support. Mixed integer and floating point calculation is supported. Also, the JIT code is completely reorganized by stages: AST; bytecode; statements; kernel related processing.

As promised, there is a vectorized MD5 sample application which runs on the GPU. I cheated with the array subscripting. Actually, my first implementation did overload operator[], extend the bytecode, interpreter, and JIT. It didn’t feel right at this point so I backed all that out. I went with a simpler and potentially more flexible approach by using STL and making the JIT a bit smarter about private registers.

I’ve been distracted lately. That’s another reason things have taken longer.

Slide from BASE meetup

Speakers: Owen Martin, Kontagent; Greg Shirakyan, Microsoft Robotics; Peter Kassakian, Quantcast

Last week, I went to the BASE meetup about ML/AI/Robotics. I caught a bug along the way and lost about two days to sickness afterwards.

This June, I will be speaking at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit. It’s actually quite a bit of work to prepare conference presentations. I feel obligated to do the best job I can to entertain, inform, and educate an audience. It’s a lot like teaching a class in university. The teacher is doing something wrong if the class is bored or lost. It’s not easy.


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