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Array subscripts delay the second alpha

I need to extend the language to better support gather operations. This will delay the alpha 2 code drop for about a week.

Crypto is all about shuffling data. Each round requires arbitrary element-wise gathering. It’s really obvious once you start implementing these algorithms, even a simple one like MD5, on the GPU.

The way I want to do this is with an overloaded subscript operator for the Array(u32|i32|f32|f64) objects. If the Array is 1D, then the subscript indexes elements. If the Array is 2D, then the subscript indexes by rows (as memory layout is naturally row-major). All other complexities should be handled by the JIT internally. This is the most elegant and intuitively natural way. It’s how a programmer would want it to work.

This approach supports algorithms that do a lot of gathering such as cryptographic hash functions while allowing streaming at the same time. In the case of MD5, the input cleartext is then a 2D array. The rows correspond to character positions in the cleartext. Within each row, the columns correspond to different texts to be hashed. So the MD5 algorithm is vectorized.

I realize this may not be especially useful as written. This is just a demo application to show off the platform capabilities. (It’s also very necessary for me to develop the language and JIT in the first place. Straightforward examples are very helpful to get the code transformations working correctly.)

It is funny to me that I was at first dismissive of element-wise subscripted array support. Soon thereafter, I encountered several people, none of whom have any relationship, live in different places, and are working on various problems, either give presentations involving gathering or mentioning it as important. So I recognized it was very important. But I still wanted to give it second-class support.

With crypto algorithms, it’s impossible to hide from this. First-class gathering support is needed. That’s the funny part. I think I was resistant to “not invented here.” That syndrome is very dangerous. It was a combination of my limited vision and reluctance to tackle yet another problem. Now I have come around and realize this must go all the way.


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