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MD5 on the GPU

I managed to get MD5 working with the new integer support. That means PeakStream style code (extended to support unsigned integers as well as floating point types) that runs on the GPU and calculates the MD5 hash function. This is interesting. It leads in a completely different direction than traditional science/engineering/quantitative applications.

What led to this is the need to support stencil kernels using gather operations. If the JIT knows when gather subscripts are literal constants, then it can implement more optimizations. It can prefetch into local memory and autotune. So I decided to extend the Chai DSL with first-class integer type support.

What I didn’t realize is how this opens up entirely new classes of applications (e.g. crypto stuff).

I’ll check in the second alpha in a few days and add another GitHub download. Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix anything that was broken in the first alpha release. However, to my knowledge, I haven’t introduced any regressions. If it worked before, it should still work.

The two new things in the second alpha are: reorganized JIT; first-class integer type support. The MD5 sample code will be in this release. Note: the output agrees with md5sum and the original RSA reference implementation.

Several people have asked what I am doing. My honest answer is, “I have no idea what I am doing.”

Next, they ask what I am building. The simplest response I have is, “Perl for GPGPU. It’s something that you may not like but must use anyway as it is too useful.”

What else can I say?

Also, I’m finally reading about CUDA. At the last meetup, I volunteered to give a book report on CUDA Application Design and Development by Rob Farber. So far, it reads like a good PG-13 movie that really wants to be R rated and was originally a trilogy long believed impossible to translate into film. There’s a lot of stuff in the book and even more between the lines. I promised a guy from NVIDIA that I would try out the code and play with it. So now I kind of feel on the hook. But that’s good. I’m impressed with what NVIDIA has done. I should play with their stuff more.


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