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Adding first class integer type support

Chai should have first-class integer support in addition to single and double precision. This extends the PeakStream API with “i32” in addition to “f32” and “f64”.

Stencils led to this.

The JIT needs to distinguish between statically known integral subscript indices and values known only at runtime on the GPU. This allows generating different code. It’s very useful for auto-tuning. Specifically, generated kernels can prefetch from global into local memory if gather subscript indices are known at compile time. (By compile time, I mean when the JIT runs, not when the C++ application is compiled.)

My first thought was adding special case support just for the gather operation. The more I looked at this, it just seemed more natural to extend the language uniformly. This begins to address the major omission of support for algorithms that operate on integer data.


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