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New presentation draft for SIAM PP12

The presentation slide deck and last rehearsal (21MB 23min Ogg Vorbis) yesterday works much better. It’s still rough in spots. However, now there is a consistent narrative, a story, for the audience to follow.

Preparing for this presentation has really helped me understand what I’ve done over the last one to two years. So much has happened, both in real life and with the engineering involved in this project, that I lost track.

My first brain dump for this presentation reflected this. It lacked a cohesive story because that is what happened in real life. Nothing has made any sense, even if the technology has turned out to in the end.

That’s what I realized – good stories are not real life. They are the concentrated, distilled essence of experience. In the real world, there isn’t always a good story. At best, there may be many stories, disjointed and woven together.


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