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Added last feature for alpha release

Adding GEMV turned out to be a bit more work than expected. The old implementation was primitive. Rewriting in the current autotuning JIT framework was somewhat tricky.

There will be a few days of testing required. After that, I will consider the project feature complete for a first alpha release. Focus will shift to quality instead of adding new features.

In his Stanford talk after Google acquired PeakStream (this is an excellent presentation and reveals much about the technology if you pay attention and read between the lines), Papakipos was asked about extending the language. Can users add new functions to the platform?

At this, Papakipos appeared somewhat uncomfortable. He gave the impression it was very difficult to do. If their technology looked anything like what I’ve done, I completely understand. It’s not that it is that difficult – however, the virtual machine and JIT are monolithic in nature. So extending the platform requires access to the full source. That at least is not an issue for this project (as it is open source).


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