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Astounded by GATLAS

Finished porting over GATLAS. Now I’m testing on my GPU development/test/compute server (a headless gaming PC with a ATI 5870 and NVIDIA 480 in it right now).

Here’s the crazy thing.

The GATLAS code committed to GitHub a year ago is wrong. It doesn’t work. The correct code is sitting on the GPU host. This is a big surprise. I mean, I am astounded.

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit. I haven’t booted the GPU compute server in about a year.

Although this project is a clone of PeakStream, which is all about GPU-based HPC, the last year has been working on the virtual machine and JIT front and middle ends. There was never any need for a GPU device. I was struggling with more basic problems (and life stuff).

Even more amusing – the lack of any complaints about the obviously broken code in GitHub (it runs but if you check the output, it is mostly wrong) confirms what I concluded about GATLAS – it’s so complex that no one except me can use it.

Oh well, you know, I am not really promoting this project at all now. I have my own plans for the technology. It’s sort of what PeakStream envisioned except for financial quants.

So the traders, they generally keep their technology secret. Why release this? Here’s an answer an economist might like: I think there is room in the world for positive as well as negative externalities!


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