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This is one of those weird open source projects

It’s probably obvious this is one of those weird open source projects.

First, it’s about weird stuff. GPGPU on a managed platform… embedded inside C++. Why? I believe more brute force is needed for machine learning and quantitative applications.

Second, this entire project is being done by one guy. Me. I stepped off the conventional salaryperson track to see what would happen. This is it.

Most of the time, I just keep working in obscurity. My belief: good technology at the right price has lasting value to people. And people are what the world is all about. So I had better make technology that helps people solve their problems. Then this technology can have lasting value.

A few times in the last year or so, I’ve had contact with commercial and research interests as a consequence of this project. This has been a new experience for me. Issues around IP and NDA contracts are first and foremost. That’s true even for a free and open source project like this one.

One thing I marvel at now is how any new technology is created at all. There are so many distractions and competitive disincentives to deep investments in science and engineering. Developing technology is a very long, risky bet.


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