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PeakStream is not the ideal solution

This has been on my mind for a while.

Why recreate PeakStream? The technology would be five years old. Clearly, the market has changed since then. We can be fairly certain the best solution for today is different.

So to be clear: PeakStream is not the ideal solution. However, it is the lowest hanging fruit within reach and a good step towards better solutions. I believe that PeakStream, as a company faced with product design choices, came to the same conclusion.

PeakStream is a DSL inside C++. While native code wins for performance, the market has clearly moved away from it. Most applications development today is with virtual machine based languages (Java, JavaScript, Python, etc). More significant is that the scientists, statisticians and quants I have known often preferred MATLAB or R as the best tool for their work.

A native code platform like PeakStream is clearly not the future. The market wants virtual machine languages.

So if PeakStream is not the future, why build it?

I believe it is a necessary intermediate step for the following reasons.

  1. Useful for solving problems today
  2. Can be done “quickly” for reasonable cost
  3. Lessons learned inform future work

This is why I see it as important to get the technology working soon. Technology rots even when it doesn’t exist. Ideas and concepts are valid for only a few years before the world changes too much.


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