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My mood comes from source code

I was sad since Monday afternoon when a mysterious bug had me worried. It was just careless, something like this:

output_stream << (sizeof(float) == _sz) ? "as_float(" : "as_double(";

This resulted in inserting a 0 or 1 into the stream instead of “as_float(” or “as_double(“. It also caused mismatched parentheses in generated OpenCL. The current design supports mixed precision arithmetic from the ground up so must automatically perform conversions.

My mood comes from source code.

One question posed to Papakipos during his Stanford presentation (shortly after the Google acquisition) was the possibility of opening up the API in order to allow adding new functions. He kind of groaned and didn’t say very much in response. My guess is that what I have is quite similar. To allow user extensions easily requires open sourcing the whole system. That’s fine for me (as this is a FOSS project). For PeakStream, it would have been very tricky to do.


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